General Information (Fall 2020)

Course Description

Theory and practice of programming language translation. Languages, grammars and parsing. Lexical, syntactic and semantic analysis. Compile-time error handling. Code optimization and code generation. This is a three credit course.

Course Format

For Fall 2020, this course will be taught fully online with synchronous lectures at the scheduled course time of Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:20PM (East Lansing local). Lecture slides may be found on the Course Google Drive and linked via the Course Schedule. Video recordings of the lectures may be found on the Course Mediaspace Channel.


A syllabus is also available. The grading breakdown, course policies, and expectations are described within.


The schedule contains links to the lecture slides and other class materials such as projects and homework. All due dates can be found within.

Instructors and Office Hours

     Instructor: Dr. Matthew Rupp
     Virtual Office on Zoom   password: cse
     Office Hours: By appointment
     Helproom Hours on Zoom (MSU local time)   password: compiler
  • Monday Noon-2PM
  • Wednesday 1-3PM
  • Thursday 1-3PM
  • Friday 1-3PM

Note: All written communication should be directed though Piazza. You can send private messages or public posts depending on your preference. Emails will not be responded to.

Instructor Photos

Dr. Matthew Rupp Dr. Matthew Rupp

Nick Poblanco Nick Poblanco