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Project Background

Automotive manufacturers are bringing in a variety of features that assist the future drivers as a means to enhance the convenience and ensure safety in driving. Some of these new features rely on the lane markings on the road in order to enable the driver to ensure that the car remains within the lane while driving. The purpose of this project is to design a system that is capable of using the lane markings to assist the driver in a variety of ways.

Project Description

The objective of this project is to develop a Lane Management System (LMS) that will include the following features: Lane Keeping Systems (LKS), Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS) and Lane Centering Systems (LCS). LMS is a driver assistance system that can include a variety of functions starting with the simplest passive LMS that can detect the lanes and compute the relative position of the vehicle to the most complex active LMS, which can take over the control from the driver to position the vehicle within a lane.

Team Composition

Domain Research

Our group has extensive experience with LMS like systems from class discussions as well as prior knowledge. Both Tyler and Randy own vehicles with enhanced driver assistance systems. We were able to base our system off both of those and combine it with online research. This allowed us to design a realistic system that already has proven its use and functionality.