Active Park Assistant

Project Background

Parking a vehicle can be a stressful situation for any driver. By taking advantage of technology already available on the vehicle to support other active safety functions, we can develop a system that will allow a driver to automatically park their car with minimal interaction. More autonomous driving features can be created as high-quality camera, radar, and "by-wire" technology becomes accessible to automobile makers. Theoretically, autonomous driving removes driver mistake and guarantees that the intended motions for the vehicle may be executed accurately and safely.

Project Description

The Active Park Assist feature allows a vehicle to automatically park itself in either a parallel or perpendicular parking space. The interaction with the customer is through the HMI (Human Machine Interface) only. The vehicle will Identify the parking spot, Accelerate/brake the vehicle, choose forward or reverse as required and steer the vehicle into the parking spot.

Course Information

Instructor Name: Dr. Betty H.C. Cheng


Course Site

The creative crew

Treasure Ogundiran

Project Manager

Computer Science Major At Michigan State university


Alexandra Case

Project Facilitator

Computer Science Major, Entrepreneurship Minor At Michigan State university


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Lama Alqrni

Artifacts Manager

Computer Science Major, Business Minor At Michigan States university.


Tim Nwanze

Domain Expert / Customer Liaison

Computer Science Major At Michigan State university


Matthew Burkett

Security/Assurance Manager

Computer Science Major At Michigan State university



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