Kaltura MediaSpace is a video server available for presenting educational video. This page describes how to upload a Zoom video to MediaSpace and make it available to students.

This discussion assumes you have set Zoom to record you lecture. When you end the Zoom meeting, it will generate a .mp4 file of the lecture. It should open the directory automatically containing a file like zoom_0.mp4. Ignore any other files.

Page Sections:

Uploading a Lecture to MediaSpace

Go to mediaspace.msu.edu. In the top left corner you will see Guest. Click on that and choose Log In to log into MediaSpace as yourself.

Once logged in, click ADD NEW:

Choose Media Upload. The Upload Media page will allow you to drop a video file or click to choose the file. I just drag the .mp4 file onto the page.

Complete the metadata page for the video, filling in a title and optional description. Leave the Publishing Schedule as Always (you can delete the video later if you like). Click Save.

After the page is saved, click Go To Media. If you want to you can at this time edit the video (see below). If you are not editing, select Actions>Publish. I recommend choose Unlisted.

Once this is done, you can click Share. It will have options for sharing your video including links to the page, embedded HTML you can add to a page, or an email message you can send.

Editing a Lecture

You can edit a lecture in MediaSpace. The most common reason to do that is to remove dead space at the beginning. But, you can add text and other things if you like. Jason Scott Smith has created a video that describes the process. Jump to the 14:55 time mark to see how to use the editing features.

MediaSpace is a very poor video editor. It is astoundingly slow and cumbersome to use. Other than clipping dead space from the beginning, if you need to edit video consider using either Camtasia or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adding the Video to D2L

You can add a link to the video to a D2L assignment or you can embed it. To embed, click the HTML source editor button when editing the assignment:

In MediaSpace, click Share and choose the Embed tab. It will highlight a block of HTML content. Copy that and paste into the HTML editor:

Click Save. You will see "We blocked this for you". Click Allow and the video will now appear in the assignment page.

You can also link to the MediaSpace page if you wish and have students view the video there. Choose the Link tab to get the appropriate link.