The academic minor in Computer Science will provide a basic foundation in Computer Science. Those completing the minor will be able to apply computing skills in their respective discipline. The minor in Computer Science is available as an elective for those students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at MSU other than Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Students wanting to complete the minor must apply to the Department of Computer Science at the time of completion of CSE 231 and CSE 260 with an average of at least 3.0 for those two courses combined. Enrollment may be limited. Permission is required to take more than 18 CSE credits.


Complete 18 credits in Computer Science and Engineering as follows:

  • CSE 231 (4 credits) Introduction to Programming I
  • CSE 232 (4 credits) Introduction to Programming II
  • CSE 260 (4 credits) Discrete Structures
  • Two courses from CSE 320, 331, 335, 410, 420, 422, 425, 435, 440, 450, 460, 471, 472, 475, 476, 477, or 480

Note that Calculus I and Calculus II are implied components of the proposed minor, since those courses are prerequisites for required courses of the Minor.

When to Apply

The student should complete this application between the 10th week and 14th week of the semester in which the acceptance criteria given below will be met. The CSE Department will make the acceptance decision by the end of the first week of the following semester. Acceptance may be limited by available resources.

Application to the CSE Minor

Online application form