X2Go Linux remote desktop

For remotely accessing a Linux graphical environment, we provide an X2Go server and have installed clients in our Windows lab computers.

NOTE: Be sure to properly terminate your session after you are finished using it.

NOTE: Users who want to use X2Go from home can install the X2Go client and configure their session as described below.

  1. On your first run of X2Go, the New Session dialog should appear. Configure your session as follows:
    • Host: xserver2.cse.msu.edu
    • Login: your NetID
    • Session type: MATE
      Alternate servers: xserver.cse.msu.edu, arctic.cse.msu.edu, black.cse.msu.edu
  2. Press OK to save the session.
  3. New Session dialog.
  4. The session will appear as a grey box in the right sidebar of the application. Click once on that box.
  5. Configured session appears in sidebar.
  6. Type in your password and hit Enter.
  7. Password entry.
  8. You should see a new window open, which will eventually show a Linux desktop.
  9. MATE desktop.
  10. Be sure to terminate your session properly once you are finished.
  11. 'Terminate' button highlighted in X2Go client.