Printing on CSE Linux Systems

The primary command used to access all printing facilities in Unix is lpr. The simplest way to print a file called is: lpr -P . Where is the name of a printer. The table below gives printer names and locations. Note that each user has a print quota and there is a charge per sheet printed (charged on your print quota) on each printer (charges are listed below.)

Department printer locations and information

Name Lab Location Type Charge
bone IN 3203 EB HP Color LaserJet 4600 2
boned IN 3203 EB HP Color LaserJet 4600 (Duplex) 3
skeleton IN 3203 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN 1
skeletond IN 3203 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN (Duplex) 1.5
creek IN 3320 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN 1
creekd IN 3320 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN (Duplex) 1.5
bob IN 3350 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN 1
bobd IN 3350 EB HP LaserJet 8150 DN (Duplex) 1.5

Sending print jobs and obtaining print job status

Use lpq -P to check the status of the printer the printer named . To cancel a printing job, first use the lpq command to find the job number of the job you wish to cancel. It will be of the form .

For example, if I wanted to print the file /etc/motd to printer simpson, I would do and should see the following:

    prompt> lpr -Psimpson /etc/motd
If I wanted to check its status:
    prompt> lpq -Psimpson
    simpson 60!zoe 1157 Jun 12 14:25
and if I wanted to cancel it:
    prompt> lprm -Psimpson 60
      simpson 60 dequeued

In the examples above,
  • My job's request-id was sound-60
  • it was printed from a machine named bumblebeeman, by a user with username zoe and cancelled from print server queue

  • How To Check Your Print Quota

    The command lpquota will report the number of pages you have printed, as well as your allotted print quota.

    How To Increase Your Print Quota

    From The Computer Science Department Acceptable Use Policy:
    Each user is granted an equitable share of our printing resources (typically 500 pages/semester). Users who exceed this quota may gain an addition 200 pages/semester by purchasing a ream (500 sheets) of unpunched standard white printer paper (19410-0) from the MSU Bookstore, and bringing it (unopened, with receipt) to the consultant station. This 200 page increase is limited to once a semester.