CSE student positions

CSE undergraduate students. Are you interested in working as an undergraduate learning assistant (ULA)? We have openings for almost all of our undergraduate courses with special interest in finding qualified ULAs for our 400 level courses. Typical ULA duties include running scheduled labs (CSE 220, CSE 231 or CSE 232), providing help room hours, answering student questions on piazza or other online forum, and grading. You should be prepared to commit to working typically 10 hours per week for a course (but some work more), and the pay starts at $13/hour.

CSE undergraduate students, you can also submit an online application to be considered for an undergraduate research assistantship (URA) here. Please note that URAs are decided by individual faculty, so you should review faculty home pages looking for potential matches and contact faculty directly if you are interested in working with them. Then let them know you have submitted an application.

You can apply here for a ULA or URA position: Here

Non-CSE Graduate Student TA Positions

Essentially all CSE TA positions (except for some with CSE 101) are filled by CSE graduate students. However, occasionally, we do hire some other graduate students as TAs for CSE courses. This almost always happens at the last minute to fill an unexpected vacancy. To be considered for such a position, please fill out the following Google form:

TA request form.

Please note that very few (if any) applicants will get a position, and you should assume that you will not. As such, please search for other positions. We will contact you in the rare instance that an opening is available. In most cases, you will not hear from us as we will fill all TA positions with CSE graduate students.