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Wolfgang Banzhaf has been awarded a grant from USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative
(posted: 2020-10-28)

Xiaoming Liu and Sijia Liu have been awarded a grant from DARPA
(posted: 2020-10-06)

Vishnu Boddeti received a Facebook Research Award
(posted: 2020-09-28)

Borzoo Bonakdarpour has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation
(posted: 2020-09-10)

Pang-Ning Tan awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2020-08-20)

Jiliang Tang awarded an NSF grant
(posted: 2020-08-18)

Jiliang Tang Receives Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) Rising Star Award
(posted: 2020-08-11)

Jiayu Zhou was awarded an NSF grant as a co-PI
(posted: 2020-07-30)

Josh Siegel received the 2020 IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Award
(posted: 2020-07-24)

Jiliang Tang awarded an NSF grant
(posted: 2020-07-16)

Xiaoming Liu and Anil Jain have been awarded a grant from Facebook
(posted: 2020-07-14)

Xiaoming Liu has been elected as Fellow of IAPR
(posted: 2020-07-14)

ICER at MSU received a Silver Award at the 41st Telly Awards
(posted: 2020-07-14)

Message to CSE 2020 Graduates
(posted: 2020-05-10)

Anil Jain is ranked highest among the top 1000 Scientists in the field of Computer Science and Electronics
(posted: 2020-05-22)

Marwan Krunz honored with 2020 Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Alumni Award
(posted: 2020-05-21)

Arun Ross honored with 2020 Withrow Teaching Excellence Award
(posted: 2020-05-18)

Jialing Tang honored with 2020 Withrow Distinguish Junior Scholar Award
(posted: 2020-05-18)

Dr. Matt Mutka's Paper Selected as High Impact
(posted: 2020-05-15)

Tan and Esfahanian awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2020-04-23)

Anil Jain and Arun Ross quoted in the New Yorker
(posted: 2020-04-23)

Anil Jain and Jiayu Zhou awarded ONR grant
(posted: 2020-04-23)