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Anil Jain elected Foreign Member by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(posted: 2019-12-03)

Prof. Arun Ross, to serve as MSU Site Director for NSF CITeR
(posted: 2019-11-20)

Quan Guo receives poster award
(posted: 2019-11-05)

University Distinguished Professor Anil Jain is quoted in Consumer Reports
(posted: 2019-10-28)

Dr. Parisa Kordjamshidi, Quan Guo and Yue Zhang receive poster award
(posted: 2019-10-21)

Banerjee and Ross receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2019-10-01)

Arun Ross awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2019-09-19)

Kennie Merz and H. Metin Aktulga receive NIH grant
(posted: 2019-09-18)

Tang and MSU Colleagues receive NSF grant
(posted: 2019-09-03)

Jiliang Tang receives NSF Grant
(posted: 2019-08-28)

Bin and Zhou awarded NIH grant
(posted: 2019-08-20)

Guowei Wei and Yiying Tong awarded an NSF grant
(posted: 2019-08-20)

Best paper award at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference
(posted: 2019-07-17)

J. Engelsma and A. K. Jain, \"Generalizing Fingerprint Spoof Detector: Learning a One-Class Classifier\", ICB, Crete, 2019.
(posted: 2019-06-10)

Tyler Derr wins poster award
(posted: 2019-05-06)

Featured ACM Member: Yunhao Liu
(posted: 2019-04-29)

Dr. Laura Dillon - prepares for retirement
(posted: 2019-04-29)

Passing of former CSE Chair Dr. Anthony Wojcik
(posted: 2019-04-15)

Amin Jourabloo receives award
(posted: 2019-03-27)

Amin Jourabloo receives award
(posted: 2019-03-27)

CSE capstone course team mentioned in a recent Mozilla blog
(posted: 2019-03-20)

Jiliang Tang receives the NSF CAREER award
(posted: 2019-03-20)

Graduation Breakfast
(posted: 2019-08-28)

Aktulga receives NSF CAREER award
(posted: 2019-02-05)

Biometric Researchers Win Best Paper Award
(posted: 2019-02-05)

Student elections are open
(posted: 2019-04-18)