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New Book: RFID Protocol Design, Optimization, and Security for the Internet of Things
(posted: 2017-11-20)

Dr. Jiayu Zhou receives gift
(posted: 2017-09-28)

Cheng gave opening keynote at 25th IEEE International
(posted: 2017-09-14)

Ross Participates in BBC Panel on Face Recognition
(posted: 2017-08-22)

K. Liu, Bonito, Edger and Hamberger awarded NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity Grant
(posted: 2017-08-14)

Tang and Zhou receive NSF Award
(posted: 2017-08-14)

Tang receives NSF Grant
(posted: 2017-07-28)

Liu and Shafiq receive patent on optimizing cellular network architecture
(posted: 2017-07-27)

Wei and Tong awarded NSF DMS grant
(posted: 2017-07-26)

Tong receives Best Paper Award at SGP 2017
(posted: 2017-07-25)

Professor Kevin Liu awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2017-06-16)

Dillon receives ACM SIGSOFT Award
(posted: 2017-06-02)

Aktulga and Balasubramaniam receive AFRL project
(posted: 2017-05-30)

Jain, Kai and Arorai receive Civilian Citation from the Lansing Police Department
(posted: 2017-05-15)

Local Third-Graders Test MSU Students' Design Day Project
(posted: 2017-04-27)

That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think
(posted: 2017-04-14)

MSU Hosts the Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing (MIWIC)
(posted: 2017-04-05)

Liu and Shafiq receive patent on cellular connection sharing
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Ross, Liu and Jain receive 4-year project award from IARPA
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Chai and Nahum receive WIthrow Awards
(posted: 2017-03-23)

Zhou and Jain receive ONR grant
(posted: 2017-03-15)

CSE Researchers Win Runner Up Best Paper Award at ISBA 2017
(posted: 2017-02-28)

Can Facial Recognition Systems Help Save Lemurs?
(posted: 2017-02-20)

Spartan Engineer Salil Prabhakar is helping make iris recognition technology available worldwide
(posted: 2017-02-20)

Hu Ding awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2017-02-13)

Cheng receives funding from MSU-Ford Alliance Program
(posted: 2017-01-26)

Ross and Jain receive funding from MSU-Ford Alliance Program
(posted: 2017-01-26)

Ofria to be honored with William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award
(posted: 2017-01-03)