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Creating 3-D Hands to keep us safe and increase security
(posted: 2016-10-21)

Biometric Researchers Win Awards at BioSig 2016
(posted: 2016-10-03)

Ross granted NSF SaTC Award
(posted: 2016-09-25)

MSU Team Harnesses Big Data to see the Big Picture in Ecology in $4.2M NSF Project
(posted: 2016-09-15)

Xing receives NSF Grant with researchers from CAS and Nursing
(posted: 2016-09-15)

Ross and Jain awarded NSF SaTC grant
(posted: 2016-09-27)

Chai receives NSF Award
(posted: 2016-09-12)

Jain elected as a Foreign Fellow to the Indian National Academy of Engineering
(posted: 2016-09-08)

Zhang and Liu received Ford-MSU Alliance grant
(posted: 2016-09-08)

Zhang, Liu, and Jain received NSF Award
(posted: 2016-09-02)

Cheng and McKinley receive award from U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory
(posted: 2016-08-11)

MSU to welcome national leader in genetic programing and evolutionary computation
(posted: 2016-08-11)

H. Metin Aktulga awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-06-28)

Sparrow and MSU researchers work on new app to help heart patients stay healthy
(posted: 2016-06-07)

Xu received Best Doctoral Forum Poster award at SDM 2016
(posted: 2016-05-27)

CSE Spring Graduation Breakfast
(posted: 2016-05-13)

Jiayu Zhou awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-04-26)

Qi received Best Student Paper Award from ISBI
(posted: 2016-04-19)

ACM student elections are open
(posted: 2016-04-18)

Cheng delivers Keynote at ICST 2016
(posted: 2016-04-13)

People of ACM - Anil K. Jain
(posted: 2016-04-05)

Ofria and Owen receive Withrow Awards
(posted: 2016-03-24)

High School Programming Contest in CSE
(posted: 2016-03-22)

Cheng receives project from Ford
(posted: 2016-03-16)

Kevin Liu awarded NSF CRII Grant
(posted: 2016-03-01)

Celebrating Spartans: Fingerprints as the key to a healthy life
(posted: 2016-03-01)

Media covers MSU Face Recognition Technology
(posted: 2016-03-01)

WLNS reports on CSE Capstone Project
(posted: 2016-02-17)

Jain elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
(posted: 2016-02-08)

WILX TV covers NCWIT Project at MSU
(posted: 2016-02-02)

MSU Receives Award to Attract More Women to Computer Science
(posted: 2016-02-02)

Applying Darwin and artificial intelligence to video games
(posted: 2016-02-02)