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Renowned computer scientist Charles Bachman ('48) awarded honorary doctor of engineering
(posted: 2015-12-23)

Ofria elected President of the International Society for Artificial Life
(posted: 2015-12-22)

CSE student honored by Board of Trustees
(posted: 2015-12-21)

Student-Developed App to help Blind - Part of MSU Design Day
(posted: 2015-12-10)

MSU PhD Student designated as a NIJ Graduate Research Fellow
(posted: 2015-12-07)

Computer Science Faculty Position Open
(posted: 2015-11-09)

Jain is a Spartan Crime Fighter
(posted: 2015-10-30)

Liu named to the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
(posted: 2015-10-29)

Liu receives research gift from Google on Virtual Cellular Data Services
(posted: 2015-10-29)

Liu and Ross receive NIH Grant
(posted: 2015-10-01)

Best Poster Award at BMVC 2015
(posted: 2015-09-11)

Liu awarded NSF grant on Multipath TCP Security
(posted: 2015-08-31)

Jain discusses the evolution of the biometric recognition field
(posted: 2015-08-17)

CSE Alum technology debuts Iris-Scanning for Smartphones
(posted: 2015-06-29)

Former Student Honors Anil Jain with an Endowed Fund
(posted: 2015-06-02)

National Award for student Angela Sun
(posted: 2015-05-20)

Chitra Dorai elevated to IBM Fellow
(posted: 2015-05-06)

MSU WIC votes in new Eboard after a highly successful year
(posted: 2015-04-27)

Owen honored at AT&T Faculty - Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology
(posted: 2015-04-17)

Student Elections
(posted: 2015-04-16)

Enbody and Punch selected as a recipient for the 2015 NCWIT Engagement Excellence Award
(posted: 2015-03-25)

Esfahanian receives Withrow Teaching Excellence Award
(posted: 2015-03-25)

(posted: 2015-03-18)

Urban Science strengthens CSE's Capstone Lab with another $30,000 gift
(posted: 2015-03-06)

Dillon to receive Excellence in Diversity Award
(posted: 2015-01-28)

MSU WIC wins a 2015 NCWIT SEED Fund Award
(posted: 2015-01-28)

Liu and Khakpour receive patent for computing network reachability
(posted: 2015-01-23)

Enbody receives Google CS Engagement Award
(posted: 2015-01-13)