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Mutka named IEEE Fellow
(posted: 2012-11-27)

HST 2012 Best Paper Award
(posted: 2012-11-20)

Tattoo Recognition Database Could Help Combat Crime and Terrorism
(posted: 2012-11-13)

Liu named to editorial board of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Liu receives research gift from Microsoft Research on authentication schemes for mobile devices
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Liu and his Ph.D. students Shafiq & Wang received Best Paper Award at the 20th IEEE International Conf on Network Protocols
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Brown receives USDA grant
(posted: 2012-11-06)

Cheng received funding from BAE Systems
(posted: 2012-10-26)

Jin receives research gift from Stroz Friedberg
(posted: 2012-10-22)

Conference of Learning Theory 2012 Best Student Paper Award goes to students supervised by Professor Rong Jin
(posted: 2012-10-22)

MSU Women Take Honors at the 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
(posted: 2012-10-16)

Khakpour and Liu receive best paper award at Int. Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS)
(posted: 2012-10-12)

Balasubramaniam, Piermarocchi, Tong, and Nair awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2012-09-19)

Chai and Xi awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2012-09-14)

MSU WIC Receives a Symantec Student Seed Fund Award from NCWIT
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Xing and Wang awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Face matching to artist sketches
(posted: 2012-09-27)

Dillon receives funding to support 2012 Software Engineering Educators' Symposium
(posted: 2012-09-04)

Aug 14th - Home Directories inaccessable
(posted: 2012-08-16)

Brown analyzes massive data for miniscule communities
(posted: 2012-08-10)

Classes begin
(posted: 2012-08-02)

DeMott finalist for Microsoft BlueHat Prize
(posted: 2012-06-21)

Xing named to editorial board of ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks
(posted: 2012-06-18)

Dillon elect to office for ACM SIG on Software Engineering
(posted: 2012-06-12)

Jain on Forbes list of Indian Minds Who Are Doing Cutting Edge Work
(posted: 2012-05-29)

Xing named to editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
(posted: 2012-05-03)

Xing receives Nokia award to support smartphone research
(posted: 2012-04-30)

VanderSloot named 2012 Walter Adams Advisor of the Year
(posted: 2012-04-23)

Yoon, Zhao and Jain win best paper award at ICB
(posted: 2012-04-03)

CSE student receives NSF Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2012-03-30)

Connelly named Outstanding CSE Graduate Student
(posted: 2012-03-30)

MSU Women in Computing holds Technology Workshop
(posted: 2012-03-29)

CSE Student named as a 2012 Goldwater Scholar
(posted: 2012-03-28)

2012 Withrow Awards
(posted: 2012-03-28)

Jared Wein (Former Student Now at Mozilla) Blogging about the Capstone Course Project
(posted: 2012-02-15)

CSE Student nominated for Goldwater Scholarship
(posted: 2012-02-13)

Jain receives research funding from multiple sources
(posted: 2012-02-02)

Jain and Jin receive ONR support
(posted: 2012-02-02)

Jain to receive 2012 Most Cited Paper Award from Pattern Recognition Letters
(posted: 2012-01-25)