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MSU nominates computer science student to compete for Churchill Scholarship
(posted: 2011-11-10)

Yoon, Feng and Jain Receive Best Biometrics Student Paper Award
(posted: 2011-10-13)

CSE Senior Devan Sayles is Homecoming Court Ambassador
(posted: 2011-10-12)

Jain and colleagues receive grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
(posted: 2011-10-10)

National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) awards MSU WIC Seed Fund Grant
(posted: 2011-10-10)

CSE Alumnus Ryan Doom Honored among the
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Jain has two new books
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Weng receives industry research support
(posted: 2011-09-28)

Jain receives grant from the Department of Justice
(posted: 2011-09-23)

Xing and colleagues awarded NSF Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Technology for Detecting Altered Fingerprints Developed at MSU, Licensed to Biometrics Company
(posted: 2011-09-16)

MSU licenses technology to detect altered fingerprints
(posted: 2011-09-13)

Sun and colleagues receive NSF grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Brown receives NIH Grant
(posted: 2011-08-26)

Tan receives gift from Narus
(posted: 2011-08-22)

Tan and colleagues awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-08-22)

Jain receives grants for several projects on biometrics recognition
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Jain and Jin receive 3-year ARO Grant
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Cheng named to editorial board of ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
(posted: 2011-08-18)

CSE Filer Replacement
(posted: 2011-08-18)

CSE Email Migration
(posted: 2011-08-18)

Heather Goldsby and David Knoester win prestigious NSF Fellowships
(posted: 2011-08-04)

Recent MSU CSE graduates on CNN
(posted: 2011-05-20)

MSU CSE Face Finder
(posted: 2011-05-20)

WKAR Video features CSE Capstone Project
(posted: 2011-05-05)

Computer Science Capstone Design Day
(posted: 2011-05-03)

Knoester named CSE Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2011-04-29)

2011-2012 ACM, MSUWIC, Spartasoft Officers
(posted: 2011-04-14)

Liu and Torng receive Withrow Awards
(posted: 2011-03-25)

MSU Researchers' software matches with drawings with mug shots
(posted: 2011-03-14)

Koslowsky and Sun awarded NIH Grant
(posted: 2011-03-07)

Chai awarded ONR grant
(posted: 2011-02-23)

McKinley, Tan, Boughman awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-02-23)

Klare Develops Face Recognition Technology to Match Forensic Sketches to Mug Shots
(posted: 2011-02-17)

Knoester/McKinley research highlighted on Wired.com
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Devolab paper discussed in US News and World Report
(posted: 2011-10-05)

Xing and Tan awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2011-10-05)

CNN talks to Jain about Face Recognition
(posted: 2011-10-05)