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Dyksen receives award from international grant competition
(posted: 2009-12-04)

Girl Scout Workshop a Success
(posted: 2009-11-25)

Sticklen and Esfahanian receive NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-10-30)

Jain awarded grant from DOJ-FBI
(posted: 2009-10-27)

Jin receives gift from Yahoo!
(posted: 2009-10-21)

Tan and Jain awarded ARO grant
(posted: 2009-10-15)

Jain receives grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
(posted: 2009-10-09)

Jain receives funding from NSF Industry-University Research Center on Biometrics
(posted: 2009-10-06)

Tan and colleagues awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-10-05)

Jain receives gift from MorphoTrak
(posted: 2009-10-01)

Jin and Jain awarded ARO grant
(posted: 2009-09-21)

Xing awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-09-17)

Tan awarded NASA grant
(posted: 2009-09-09)

Tong awarded NSF Grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Liu receives NSF CAREER Award
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Kulkarni awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

Kulkarni awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-09-02)

McKinley awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-08-03)

Liu and Torng awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2009-07-31)

Lansing area youth explore technology at ITEC / Impression 5 camp
(posted: 2009-06-29)

Ramirez, Cheng, Knoester, and McKinley receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-29)

Mutka awarded DURIP grant
(posted: 2009-06-25)

Jain appointed guest professor at Tsinghua University
(posted: 2009-06-22)

Chen and Jain receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-09)

PRIP research featured on Big Ten Network
(posted: 2009-05-21)

Department celebrates 2009 graduates
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Martha L. Gray receives CSE Distinguished Alumni Award
(posted: 2009-05-18)

CSE Design Day awards announced
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Fleming awarded Honda Shing fellowship
(posted: 2009-05-05)

Student groups elect 2009 – 2010 officers
(posted: 2009-11-20)

CSE Student Representatives Elected
(posted: 2009-06-01)

CSE launches Facebook page
(posted: 2009-06-01)

Goldsby and Cheng receive best paper award
(posted: 2009-06-01)

CSE student elections: online voting open
(posted: 2009-05-01)

CSE System Problems
(posted: 2009-04-15)

Jain and Pankanti article spotted on CSI: Miami
(posted: 2009-09-09)

Reminder: update Windows and virus definitions
(posted: 2009-04-01)

Enbody discusses computer security in WLNS 6 News interview
(posted: 2009-04-06)

Brown, Jin, and Stockman receive Withrow awards
(posted: 2009-03-30)

Call for Nominations: CSE Student Representatives in Governance for 2009-2010
(posted: 2009-04-06)

Meiners named 2009 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Students receive awards for outstanding scholarship and service
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Liu and Torng receive research gift from Cisco
(posted: 2009-03-26)

Students receive SWE awards
(posted: 2009-03-09)

Wed, Feb 18 - Downtime for research servers - Updated
(posted: 2009-04-15)

Pennock featured in MSU Darwin celebration
(posted: 2009-02-13)

arctic replaced unexpectedly
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Jain and Jin awarded FBI funding
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Jain, Tan, and Jin awarded ONR grant
(posted: 2009-01-21)

MS and PhD program application deadline extended
(posted: 2009-01-14)

Mail Server Reboot
(posted: 2009-01-29)

Department celebrates 40 years
(posted: 2009-01-14)

MSU researcher creates system to help law enforcement match tattoos to suspects
(posted: 2009-06-24)