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Mutka receives research support from U.S. Army
(posted: 2008-12-23)

CSE Dept. office closed 12-19 due to weather conditions
(posted: 2008-12-22)

Nagar, Nandakumar, and Jain receive best paper award
(posted: 2008-12-12)

Union Pacific sponsors MSU ACM
(posted: 2008-12-12)

CSE celebrates fall 2008 graduates
(posted: 2008-12-11)

Design Day showcases CSE talent
(posted: 2008-12-05)

ITEC participates in FIRST LEGO League
(posted: 2008-11-24)

Jin recieves gift to support research
(posted: 2008-11-18)

Weng named IEEE Fellow
(posted: 2008-11-13)

SSH Man in the Middle Warnings
(posted: 2008-11-09)

MSU WIC holds computing workshop for Girl Scouts
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Computer science students analyze political debates
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Jain to receive ICDM award
(posted: 2008-10-24)

Network maintenance
(posted: 2008-10-28)

Jain, Nandakumar, and Ross receive Pattern Recognition award
(posted: 2008-10-23)

McKinley, Cheng receive ARO grant
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Brown, Cheng, and Kung awarded USDA grant
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Byers awarded Carl V. Page Memorial Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2008-09-25)

Research Open House October 11
(posted: 2008-10-14)

Sticklen co-PI for $2.5 million NSF grant
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Tong awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Jain to receive King-Sun Fu Prize
(posted: 2008-09-03)

Aug 31. Problems with home directories
(posted: 2008-09-11)

Jain authors Scientific American article
(posted: 2008-08-20)

Chai receives NSF grant
(posted: 2008-08-08)

Faculty, students participate in Women In Engineering program
(posted: 2008-10-17)

Migration to new file server storage
(posted: 2008-07-24)

PRIP in the news
(posted: 2008-07-08)

Tong receives NSF grant
(posted: 2008-07-03)

CSE welcomes new faculty
(posted: 2008-06-30)

CSE alumnus carries Olympic torch
(posted: 2008-06-26)

Cheng, Ofria, McKinley, and Tan receive NSF grant
(posted: 2008-06-16)

Goldsby receives Best Presentation/Paper award
(posted: 2008-06-10)

Save the Date
(posted: 2008-06-10)

Brown featured in Google Summer of Code podcast
(posted: 2008-06-03)

CSE conducts ITEC workshops
(posted: 2008-06-02)

VanderSloot and Pitcher featured on Michigan Public Radio
(posted: 2008-05-28)

Jain receives W. Wallace McDowell Award
(posted: 2008-05-28)

Jain and Jin receive RDECOM grant
(posted: 2008-05-27)

Moti Jiandani receives CSE Distinguished Alumni award
(posted: 2008-05-14)

EGR Power Outage
(posted: 2008-05-16)

Mutka, Xi, Pierre, and Farrell awarded NSF grant
(posted: 2008-05-09)

MSU event advances interdisciplinary research on computing and human language
(posted: 2008-05-08)

Student Representatives Elected
(posted: 2008-05-08)

MATRIX launches Web sites on apartheid history of South Africa
(posted: 2008-05-07)

NSF grant aligns computing education with workforce needs
(posted: 2008-05-01)

Sircon supports CSE
(posted: 2008-04-30)

Partyka receives Outstanding Senior award
(posted: 2008-04-29)

CSE student to speak at graduation
(posted: 2008-04-30)

Design Day showcases student talent
(posted: 2008-04-28)

CSE student organizations promote leadership
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Graduate student election update and voting instructions
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Vote for CSE student representatives
(posted: 2008-04-29)

McKinley, Ofria, Cheng, Pennock, and Tan receive NSF grant
(posted: 2008-04-24)

Online voting fixed
(posted: 2008-04-23)

CSE Design Day activities
(posted: 2008-04-28)

Dyksen and Kornbluh honored for interdisciplinary work
(posted: 2008-04-22)

2008 poster workshop exhibits CSE research
(posted: 2008-04-21)

Student representative nomination deadline extended
(posted: 2008-04-22)

Jain featured in MSU Podcast
(posted: 2008-04-14)

Poster Workshop Announcement
(posted: 2008-04-11)

Stockman, VanderSloot, and Pitcher receive civic engagement awards
(posted: 2008-04-02)

IT Council offers Tech Tours to MSU students
(posted: 2008-04-02)

Cheng and Enbody receive Withrow awards
(posted: 2008-04-04)

Nandakumar is 2008 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2008-03-27)

Students honored for scholarship and service
(posted: 2008-03-26)

CSE launches new site
(posted: 2008-03-21)

Seok, Qian, Zhu, Oswald, and Pramanik receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2008-03-20)

Girl Scouts explore computing careers
(posted: 2008-03-19)

Nandakumar receives Fitch Beach Outstanding Graduate Research Award
(posted: 2008-03-17)

LaRose, Rifon, and Enbody present framework for Internet safety
(posted: 2008-03-10)

Upgrades interrupt MSU e-mail
(posted: 2008-03-05)

CSE students receive SWE awards
(posted: 2008-02-29)

MSU spearheads new high-tech learning center
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Cheng receives award from Ford University Research Program
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Capstone Course receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2008-02-14)

Weng receives gift from Toyota Technical Center
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Jain quoted in ScienceNOW news feature
(posted: 2008-03-07)

CSE faculty quoted in Great Lakes IT Report
(posted: 2008-03-07)

Advances in digitally evolved software highlighted
(posted: 2008-01-29)

CSE celebrates graduates
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Design Day showcases student talent
(posted: 2008-02-06)

Chen awarded NIJ Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2008-01-29)

Alumni launch language-learning site
(posted: 2008-03-21)