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Jain receives multiple awards for biometrics research
(posted: 2007-12-20)

MATRIX project featured in MSU Today Magazine
(posted: 2007-12-18)

Anthony S. Wojcik retires from MSU
(posted: 2007-12-14)

CSE student creates new e-mail service
(posted: 2007-12-06)

Jain and Stockman receive award from General Motors
(posted: 2007-12-05)

Jain, Flynn, and Ross publish Handbook of Biometrics
(posted: 2007-12-03)

Beckmann, McKinley, and Ofria featured in the media
(posted: 2007-11-26)

Liu awarded MSU IRGP grant
(posted: 2007-11-21)

Zhang, Cheng, and Goldsby receive best paper award
(posted: 2007-11-20)

Jackson’s research featured in APA Monitor
(posted: 2007-11-13)

Pennock featured on Nova Special
(posted: 2007-11-12)

Jain teams with Lumidigm for army biometrics project
(posted: 2007-10-20)

MSU awarded NSF computing education grant
(posted: 2007-10-09)

Chai’s research featured on Tech Tour
(posted: 2007-10-05)

Chen and Jain receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2007-09-19)

Mutka appointed Acting Chairperson
(posted: 2007-09-17)

Cheng, McKinley, Ofria, and Lenski receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-09-12)

Cornwell awarded Carl V. Page Memorial Graduate Fellowship
(posted: 2007-09-11)

Jain featured in Nature
(posted: 2007-09-10)

Xiao, Mutka, and Xi receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-08-27)

Jain among most highly cited
(posted: 2007-08-07)

Lansing Tech Center partners get green light
(posted: 2007-07-19)

Stirewalt and Dillon receive NSF award
(posted: 2007-06-22)

Liu and Xie receive award from NSF
(posted: 2007-06-21)

Local IT companies benefit from CSE graduates
(posted: 2007-06-18)

VanderSloot presents plan for a tech hub for Lansing-area youth
(posted: 2007-06-18)

CSE celebrates a decade of memories
(posted: 2007-06-13)

Honda Shing receives CSE Distinguished Alumnus Award
(posted: 2007-05-22)

Alumnus creates Xbox game
(posted: 2007-05-15)

CSE seniors deliver impressive results
(posted: 2007-05-01)

2007 – 2008 CSE student representatives elected
(posted: 2007-04-20)

Student organizations elect new officers
(posted: 2007-04-20)

2007 CSE Poster Workshop exhibits student research
(posted: 2007-04-20)

Board of Trustees recognizes Andrew Kreling for academic achievement
(posted: 2007-04-17)

Yi Chen is 2007 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2007-04-12)

Students honored for service and academic achievement
(posted: 2007-04-12)

Grabowski wins best paper award at MICWIC 2007
(posted: 2007-04-03)

The Dow Chemical Company presents gift to MSU WIC
(posted: 2007-04-03)

Bess Walker receives NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
(posted: 2007-03-30)

Chan and Jin receive award from NIH
(posted: 2007-03-28)

McCullen and VanderSloot win awards
(posted: 2007-03-20)

Enbody, Tomanek, and Kwon awarded patent
(posted: 2007-03-12)

CSE volunteers get visitors SET for successful future
(posted: 2007-02-28)

Oweiss and Jin receive NIH grant
(posted: 2007-02-13)

Dyksen receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2007-02-08)

Cheng honored with Distinguished Faculty Award
(posted: 2007-02-05)

Ofria receives NSF Career Award
(posted: 2007-01-31)

Jin receives NSF Career Award
(posted: 2007-01-15)

Jin receives gift from Intel
(posted: 2007-01-08)

CSE seniors deliver innovative solutions
(posted: 2007-01-03)