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CSE celebrates fall graduates
(posted: 2006-12-21)

Punch and Dyksen Receive Grant from the National Archives
(posted: 2006-12-15)

Jain receives new award from ONR
(posted: 2006-12-08)

Girl Scouts explore computing fields at MSU
(posted: 2006-12-05)

College of Engineering students attend Grace Hopper Conference
(posted: 2006-12-04)

Pennock named AAAS Fellow
(posted: 2006-12-04)

Devo lab research featured in local media
(posted: 2006-11-27)

PRIP research featured on WILX channel 10 news
(posted: 2006-11-20)

New face in the hallways of CSE
(posted: 2006-10-18)

EI lab featured in IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine
(posted: 2006-10-18)

Chai and Jin receive research award from ONR
(posted: 2006-10-17)

2006-2007 CSE student representatives elected
(posted: 2006-10-05)

CSE senior shows Spartan Spirit
(posted: 2006-09-29)

Jain and Dass receive ARO grant
(posted: 2006-09-26)

Tan and colleagues receive new NSF award
(posted: 2006-09-25)

Tony D. Lewis Enrichment Fund established
(posted: 2006-09-20)

Punch named High Performance Computing Center director
(posted: 2006-09-20)

Chan, Jin, and Zheng receive NSF SBIR award
(posted: 2006-09-18)

Fred and Jain receive Best Paper Award
(posted: 2006-08-24)

Weng receives award from General Motors Research and Development
(posted: 2006-08-09)

Erik Eid joins CSE 101 team
(posted: 2006-07-31)

HBRI-II award funds creation of biorepository to advance medical research
(posted: 2006-07-31)

Gift from The MathWorks to support curriculum development
(posted: 2006-07-14)

Reid recognized as MSURA Volunteer of the Year
(posted: 2006-07-11)

Jain and Pankanti author IEEE Spectrum cover story
(posted: 2006-07-03)

Ross, Nandakumar, and Jain author new Handbook of Multibiometrics
(posted: 2006-06-29)

Severance named Executive Director of Sakai Foundation
(posted: 2006-06-20)

Zhang and Cheng win Distinguished Paper Award
(posted: 2006-05-30)

$1 Million Endowed Scholarship Program Established in College of Engineering
(posted: 2006-05-19)

CSE celebrates accomplishments of graduates
(posted: 2006-05-15)

CSE 498 Collaborative Design students deliver impressive results
(posted: 2006-05-03)

Tenth Annual CSE Poster Workshop: excellent research on display
(posted: 2006-04-25)

Student organizations enjoy successful year
(posted: 2006-04-17)

Mutka and Xiao receive NSF CRI award
(posted: 2006-04-17)

Antonuk Wins IBM Race to “Master the Mainframe”
(posted: 2006-04-14)

Alumni share time and talent at WIC Hardware Workshop
(posted: 2006-04-13)

Jain receives gift from Sagem Morpho Inc.
(posted: 2006-04-13)

2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Students in CSE
(posted: 2006-04-07)

Dirk Colby is 2006 CSE Most Outstanding Graduate Student
(posted: 2006-04-07)

CSE students contribute expertise to Background Check Project
(posted: 2006-04-04)

Jin receives gift from Intel
(posted: 2006-04-03)

Juhás, Cherba, Duxbury, Punch, & Billinge’s research published in Nature
(posted: 2006-03-29)

Jain joins editorial board of new ACM journal
(posted: 2006-03-28)

Cheng receives new NSF grant
(posted: 2006-03-22)

Cheng, France, and Bieman receive NSF grant
(posted: 2006-03-20)

Jain, Ofria, and Stirewalt win Withrow Awards
(posted: 2006-03-14)

CSE thanks volunteers for successful SET day
(posted: 2006-03-09)

Alumna Katy Colbry conducts teamwork seminar for CSE students
(posted: 2006-03-01)

Lenski, Bates & Ofria receive DARPA subcontract
(posted: 2006-02-28)

Seven CSE students gain valuable "real-world" experience
(posted: 2006-02-27)

Jain speaks at AAAS annual meeting session
(posted: 2006-02-27)

Bierlein named Outstanding Senior in Computer Science
(posted: 2006-02-14)

Ofria receives Teacher-Scholar Award
(posted: 2006-02-10)

Dyksen receives gift from Auto-Owners Insurance
(posted: 2006-02-09)

Nine COE students attend Google Workshop for Women Engineers
(posted: 2006-02-08)

Weng Receives Gift from General Motors
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Enbody, Rifon and Larose receive a gift from Microsoft
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Jain becomes SPIE Fellow
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Chan, Zahn, and Jin receive MUCI grant
(posted: 2006-01-27)

Jain speaks at National Academies on Forensic Science
(posted: 2006-01-27)

High-Assurance Systems Project is Funded
(posted: 2006-01-27)