2006-2007 CSE student representatives elected

The following students been elected to serve on CSE and University committees for the 2006-2007 academic year:

Advisory Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Kira Johns
Graduate Representative: Art Covert

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Derek Parks

Computing Environment Committee
Undergraduate Representative: Andrew Kreling
Graduate Representative: Scott Fleming

Graduate Studies and Research Committee
Graduate Representative: Laura Grabowski

Department Meetings
Undergraduate Representative: Benjamin Split
Graduate Representative: Brian Connelly

Engineering Research and Graduate Studies Committee
Graduate Representative: Meltem Demirkus

Council Of Graduate Students
Graduate Representative: John Hettinger

Graduate Employee Union Steward
Graduate Representative: John Hettinger

The student representatives on these committees perform important services for both their fellow students and for the Department. Their primary duties are to represent students’ perspectives and interests at meetings and to keep students informed of deliberations that go into policies that affect students and CSE programs.

Several organizations and individuals put forth extra effort to ensure that the elections were a success:

  • ACM president James Pita encouraged nominations, advertised the election, and kept ACM members informed throughout the process.

  • Numerous graduate and undergraduate students encouraged their peers to vote.

  • Scott Fleming and members of the Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Association (CSEGA) are to be commended for their successful efforts in promoting the elections among our graduate student constituency: graduate student voter turnout was 71%.

  • CSE System Manager Ryan Blair performed critical administrative tasks and facilitated the online voting system.

  • Thank you to everyone who assisted with and participated in this year’s elections!

    (Date Posted: 2006-10-05)