Punch named High Performance Computing Center director

Bill Punch has been named as the new faculty director of the MSU High Performance Computing Center (HPCC). The High Performance Computing Center, located in 3200 Engineering Building, provides faculty and students with easy to use computational resources that dramatically enhance the university’s research capabilities: computational jobs that once took months or years to process can now be completed in hours or days.

The HPCC is jointly funded by the College of Engineering, College of Natural Science, National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies, and Vice Provost for Libraries, Computing & Technology. Currently, the HPCC supports the research of 284 users from 21 departments and centers across campus.

Punch succeeds Leo Kempel, professor of electrical and computer engineering, as director. Kempel was recently appointed as the new Associate Dean for Special Initiatives in the College of Engineering.

To learn more about the MSU High Performance Computing Center, please see https://hpc.msu.edu/

(Date Posted: 2006-09-20)