Borzoo Bonakdarpour have been awarded an NSF SaTC collaborative grant of $600K

Enforcing security policies such as secrecy or integrity is crucial for software systems that handle large volumes of users’ sensitive information, where even a short transient violation of these policies may result in leaking or damaging highly sensitive information, compromising safety, or interruption of vital public or social services. Runtime monitoring and enforcement of security policies remains one of the foundational techniques for securing software systems. Many important security policies such as information-flow policies cannot be expressed as properties of individual executions, but can be expressed as properties on multiple execution traces, which are called hyperproperties. Motivated by a rich set of real-world applications, the overarching objective of this project is to develop effective runtime enforcement techniques for hyperproperties that enable strong protection of systems against various types of cyberattacks and information leaks. 

(Date Posted: 2023-04-12)