Dr. Jiliang Tang and Dr. Hui Liu have been awarded a prestigious Amazon Faculty Award

Online recommendation and advertising are two major income channels for online recommendation platforms (e.g. e-commerce and news feed site). However, most platforms optimize recommending and advertising strategies by different teams separately via different techniques, which may lead to suboptimal overall performances. To this end, in this project, we propose a novel two-level reinforcement learning framework to jointly optimize the recommending and advertising strategies, where the first level generates a list of recommendations to optimize user experience in the long run; then the second level interpolates ads into the recommendation list that can balance the immediate advertising revenue from advertisers and the negative influence of ads on long-term user experience. To be specific, first level tackles high combinatorial action space problem that selects a subset items from the large item space; while the second level determines three internally related tasks, i.e., (i) whether to interpolate an ad, and if yes, (ii) the optimal ad and (iii) the optimal location to interpolate. 

(Date Posted: 2023-03-13)