Banerjee and Ross receive Best Paper Award

The paper "Face Phylogeny Tree: Deducing Relationships Between Near-Duplicate Face Images Using Legendre Polynomials and Radial Basis Functions”, co-authored by CSE PhD student Sudipta Banerjee and her advisor, Professor Arun Ross, received the Best Paper Award at BTAS 2019. The paper also received a Best Poster Award at the poster event held in conjunction with the conference.

In this paper, the researchers deal with the problem of near-duplicate face images, where the face photo of a person is digitally modified several times using applications such as Photoshop. Given a set of such near-duplicate images, the paper attempts to find the original image and then constructs a tree depicting the relationship between the images. The novelty lies in modeling the relationship between these images using Legendre Polynomials and Radial Basis Functions. The parameters of these functions are then used in a likelihood-ratio test to distinguish between forward and inverse transformations. This work has several applications in digital image forensics.    

BTAS is the "IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems”, and was held in Tampa, Florida in September 2019.

(Date Posted: 2019-10-01)