Tyler Derr wins poster award

Most existing network analysis has solely focused on unsigned networks (or networks with only positive links). However, in many real-world systems, relations can be both positive and negative. For example, social media users not only have positive links such as their friends and followers but can also establish negative relations such as blocking and unfriending other users. These relations can be represented as networks with both positive and negative links (or signed networks). The introduction of negative links in signed networks not only increases the complexity of the representation, but also poses tremendous challenges for traditional unsigned network analysis. It is evident from recent research that negative links in signed networks have distinct properties from positive links. Meanwhile, the fundamental principles and theories of signed networks are substantially different from those of unsigned networks. Hence, signed network analysis cannot be carried out by simply extending unsigned network analysis. On the other hand, the existence of negative links also brings about unprecedented opportunities for network analysis. In this poster, we have highlighted our recent work on modeling and measuring signed networks, while also presenting some of their applications.



(Date Posted: 2019-05-06)