Aktulga receives NSF CAREER award

Metin Aktulga, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, has just been
notified to receive an NSF CAREER award. Here is the abstract of his project:

CAREER: Scalable Sparse Linear Algebra for Extreme-Scale Data Analytics and Scientific Computing

This project addresses algorithmic challenges and develops a computational infrastructure to enable extreme-scale data analytics and scientific computing. A unifying computational motif in the seemingly disparate fields of big data analytics and scientific computing is that models used to solve the relevant problems often result in sparse matrices, the scale of which typically require execution on massively parallel architectures. Due to the irregular data access patterns and low arithmetic intensities associated with sparse matrix computations though, achieving high performance and scalability is challenging. These challenges are further exacerbated as a result of the increasingly complex and deep memory hierarchies of emerging architectures. This project supports the development of an extensive set of scalable sparse matrix algorithms and cyber infrastructure research to address such challenges. By significantly improving the productivity of domain scientists working on big data analytics and scientific computing, this project serves the national interest, as stated by NSF's mission: to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity and welfare; or to secure the national defense. Research plans are tightly integrated with educational and outreach objectives at various levels. The centerpiece of the outreach efforts is the Computer Science summer school and mentorship plans by the PI for high school students.

(Date Posted: 2019-02-05)