Tu and Tang receive NSF Grant

Dr. Guan-Hua Tu (PI), an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University and Dr. Jiliang Tang (Co-PI), an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, have been awarded a $499,976 NSF grant entitled "SaTC: CORE: Small: Side-channel Attacks Against Mobile Users: Singularity Detection, Behavior Identification, and Automated Rectification."

Abstract: Side-channel attacks have been proven effective to infer the sensitive information (e.g., user activities) that cannot be disclosed to unauthorized users in many scenarios. Thanks to the closeness of the cellular network infrastructure, adversaries cannot easily capture the encrypted mobile network traffic and cause the side-channel information leakage of mobile users. However, with the recent proliferation of software defined radio platforms and emerging IP-based cellular network services over public networks (e.g., Wi-Fi calling), the mobile users now face more serious side-channel information leakage threats than before. This project aims to conduct a comprehensive investigation of side-channel attacks against mobile users by collecting, labeling, mining, and analyzing mobile users' encrypted mobile data. The success of this research will not only contribute new techniques to discover security vulnerabilities that can be exploited for the side-channel information leakage against mobile users but also develop novel automated rectification mechanisms to safeguard billions of mobile users. The proposed activities may influence the upcoming 5G technology standardization and train a new generation of engineers and students.

(Date Posted: 2018-08-30)