Aktulga and Balasubramaniam receive NSF grant

Dr. H. Metin Aktulga (PI), an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, and Dr. Shanker Balasubramaniam (Co-PI), a University Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, have been awarded an NSF grant entitled "SPX: A Geometry and Architecture Agnostic Scalable Framework for N-body Problems with Oscillatory Potentials".

Abstract: Solutions to equations governing electromagnetics and acoustics have enabled crucial technologies such as wireless communication devices, passive and active RF-IDs, optical and high-speed devices, sonar and radar emitters in automobiles, microwaves, medical diagnostic, and imaging tools, among several others. Advances in these technologies rely on understanding the underlying wave physics in sufficient detail. This task is increasingly challenging given the increase in geometric complexity (smaller and more complex features) and wider range of operating wave frequencies thereby requiring more precision and detail to achieve optimal performance. The primary goal of this project is to develop a geometry and architecture agnostic scalable framework for N-body problems with oscillatory (wave) potentials through synergistic research in both numerical methods and parallel algorithms.

In collaboration with domain scientists, the resulting framework's utility will be demonstrated via applications in electromagnetic radiation, acoustic imaging, and nano-photonics. In order to ensure the widest possible dissemination, outcomes of the proposed research including technical reports, codes, user manuals and test cases will be made available through a dedicated website. The interdisciplinary nature of this project will provide ample opportunities to train undergraduate and graduate students in leading edge research that cuts across applied mathematics, high performance computing, and electrical engineering.

(Date Posted: 2018-08-29)