Ross, Nandakumar, and Jain author new Handbook of Multibiometrics

Handbook of Multibiometrics introduces multibiometric systems and demonstrates the noteworthy advantages of these systems over their unimodal counterparts. In addition, this book describes in detail the various scenarios possible when fusing biometric evidence from multiple information sources.

Handbook of Multibiometrics

Series: International Series on Biometrics, Vol. 6
Ross, Arun A., Nandakumar, Karthik, Jain, Anil K.
2006, XXII, 202 p., 65 illus., Hardcover.
ISBN: 0-387-22296-0

An Assistant Professor at West Virginia University, Ross received his PhD in 2003. Nandakumar is a PhD student. Both were advised by Jain, a University Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Statistics & Probability at Michigan State University.

(Date Posted: 2006-06-29)