Zhou receives NSF CAREER Award

Jiayu Zhou, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, has just been notified to receive an NSF CAREER award. Here is the abstract of his project:

Recent advances in big data infrastructures and algorithm foundations have unleashed a torrent of data being collected and stored in distributed data centers all over the world. The ever-increasing availability of these massive datasets leads to many machine learning tasks that are inherently related. Therefore transfer learning paradigms have been developed in the past decade to perform knowledge transfer among tasks to improve their generalization performance. This project will develop a suite of large-scale lifelong learning methods to address significant challenges from knowledge transfer on big data. The algorithms and tools developed in this project will directly impact biomedical informatics and intelligent transportation systems, as they will be used to build personalized predictive models from electronic medical records and traffic state models from big traffic data. The success of this project will be used to develop a new curriculum that incorporates research into the classroom and provides students from under-represented groups with opportunities to participate in machine learning research.

(Date Posted: 2018-02-16)