Ross, Liu and Jain receive 4-year project award from IARPA

Arun Ross (PI), Xiaoming Liu (Co-PI) and Anil Jain (Co-PI) have been awarded a 4-year project from IARPA for their proposal "Presentation Attack Detection: Solutions for Fingerprints, Face and Iris Systems".

The goal of this research program is to establish a university-industry consortium consisting of Michigan State University (MSU), Clarkson University (CU), Delta ID, Inc. (, Silk ID Systems ( and NexID Biometrics (, in order to design, implement and evaluate methods for detecting presentation attacks launched against a biometric system. In particular, the consortium will develop methods to counteract the problem of "spoofing" and "obfuscation" in the context of face, fingerprint and iris recognition systems.

(Date Posted: 2017-03-23)