Zhou and Jain receive ONR grant

Jiayu Zhou, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Anil Jain, University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, received a grant from the Office of Naval Research entitled "Large-Scale Information Fusion from Multiple Modalities".

With the rapid advances in processor, storage, and sensing technologies, data available in operational scenarios are becoming increasingly complex. The data and relational complexities have provided a unique opportunity to utilize machine intelligence to discover useful information by fusing data sources to make more informed and comprehensive decisions. But data complexity has also imposed significant challenges on existing machine intelligence algorithms in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. We propose a tensor network based framework to fuse large-scale multi-modal data. We will systematically study the possible structures of such a tensor network as well as their construction processes, including both effective learning problem formulations as well as efficient implementations. We will develop efficient distributed optimization algorithms that enable large-scale tensor network analysis.

(Date Posted: 2017-03-15)