CSE Researchers Win Runner Up Best Paper Award at ISBA 2017

The paper titled "Spoofing Faces Using Makeup: An Investigative Study" received the Best Paper Award (Runner Up) at the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Identity, Security and Behavior Analysis (ISBA) that was held in New Delhi, India in February 2017. The paper was co-authored by two Michigan State University researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering: PhD student Thomas Swearingen and his advisor Prof. Arun Ross. Other co-authors include Dr. Cunjian Chen (Canon, China) and Dr. Antitza Dantcheva (INRIA Méditerranée, France), who worked on this project when they were postdoctoral scholars at Michigan State University.

In this paper, the researchers study the vulnerability of face recognition systems to makeup - where an adversary applies facial cosmetics to look like someone else. This process, known as spoofing, can undermine the integrity of a face recognition system. The researchers systematically evaluate this vulnerability and suggest ways in which it can be counteracted. In order to conduct their study, the authors assembled a dataset consisting of face images downloaded from the internet where individuals use facial cosmetics to impersonate celebrities. The paper can be accessed here.

(Date Posted: 2017-02-28)