MSU Team Harnesses Big Data to see the Big Picture in Ecology in $4.2M NSF Project

In this collaborative project, an interdisciplinary team of ecologists, statisticians, computer scientists and data scientists will work to scale up traditional ecology, to regional and continental scales in a project entitled "A Macrosystems Ecology Framework for Continental-Scale Prediction and Understanding of Lakes". The leading institution is the MSU team, including Pang-Ning Tan and Jiayu Zhou from Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Patricia Soranno and Kendra Cheruvelil from the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Other members of the team are from the University of Wisconsin, the University of Missouri and Penn State University. The CSE team will help ecologists overcome many significant data challenges that exist when studying so many ecosystems together. The challenges include missing values and “noisy” measurements, unknown relationships among hundreds of variables, and computers that might still be too slow when trying to model all lakes in an entire country.

Here is the link of the MSU Today coverage:

(Date Posted: 2016-09-15)