Liu and Ross receive NIH Grant

Xiaoming Liu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Arun Ross, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, have been awarded a NIH R01 grant entitled "Quantitative Molecular and Cellular MRI of Hepatocyte Transplantation." The project team includes Erik Shapiro (Radiology) and James Luyendyk (Veterinary Medicine). For many severe liver diseases, the only effective treatment is liver transplantation. Hepatocyte transplantation (HTx) has been proposed and used as an alternative treatment, with limited long term success in humans. A major unsolved question in HTx is, how can we dynamically monitor and even quantify cell transplantation? In this regard, the CSE team will develop machine learning, computer vision, and visualization schemes for automated data quantification.

(Date Posted: 2015-10-01)