Liu, Torng and Meiners receive patent for systematic framework for application protocol field extraction

Alex Liu and Eric Torng, Associate Professors of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, and Chad Meiners, Member of Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Labs have received a patent for "Systematic framework for application protocol field extraction".

The patent claims a computer-implemented system is provided for implementing application protocol field extraction. The system includes: an automata generator configured to receive the extraction specification that specifies data elements to be extracted from data packets and generate a counting automaton; and a field extractor configured to receive a data flow and operates to extract data elements from the data packets in accordance with the counting automaton. The extraction specification is expressed in terms of a context-free grammar, where the grammar defines grammatical structures of data packets transmitted in accordance with an application protocol and includes counters used to chronicle parsing history of production rules comprising the grammar.

(Date Posted: 2014-12-01)