Xing awarded NSF grant on Vehicular Networking

Guoliang Xing, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Jun Huang, Research Associate of Computer Science and Engineering have been awarded an NSF Networking Technology and Systems grant on vehicular networking.

Vehicular networking is an enabling technology for the next-generation transportation services, such as vehicle safety communication, remote vehicle diagnosis, and network-assisted autonomous driving. A major challenge to support these applications is to achieve real-time, reliable communication using limited wireless network spectrum resource, in the presence of noise, interference, and mobility-induced wireless channel variations. This project develops a novel cross-layer framework that improves the performance of vehicular networks without incurring extra spectrum overhead. The key observation is that the vehicular network traffic typically exhibits high predictability due to protocol-specific header structures and the spatiotemporal correlation of application data, such as vehicle positions, on-board sensor readings, and the range to surrounding objects. This project takes a system approach to leveraging such traffic signatures to optimize vehicular network performance. This project has broad implications for future vehicular network systems in multiple application domains that demand high communication reliability under spectrum resource constraints.

Guoliang Xing

(Date Posted: 2014-09-08)