Xing receives NSF Cyber-Physical Systems Project

Guoliang Xing, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, with Xiaobo Tan, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Charles Krueger, Professor in the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, all of Michigan State University, in collaboration with Chris Holbrook, research ecologist of the US Geological Survey, have been awarded an NSF Cyber-Physical Systems grant on the topic "Tracking Fish Movement with a School of Gliding Robotic Fish".

This project is focused on developing the technology for continuously tracking the movement of live fish implanted with acoustic tags, using a network of relatively inexpensive underwater robots called gliding robotic fish. The project aims to, for the first time, continuously track the movement of live fish over extended periods of time, which will enable advances in the control of invasive species as well as restoration of native species in the Great Lakes among other applications.

(Date Posted: 2014-08-18)