Tenth Annual CSE Poster Workshop: excellent research on display

The 2006 CSE Poster Workshop took place on Friday, April 21. Forty-four groups of student researchers displayed their posters in the third floor hallways of the Engineering Building and explained their work as part of a ten-year tradition that promotes recognition of student research.

The first annual graduate student poster workshop was held on March 29, 1996 under chairperson Anil K. Jain. A decade later, the workshop has expanded to include undergraduate research projects, but the event is still a team effort that brings together alumni, friends, faculty, staff, and students in an informative session that celebrates the excellence of our students’ research.

The CSE Strategic Partner’s Council and Chairperson Laura Dillon provided prizes, which included software; Motorola, SAIC, and Crowe Chizek merchandise; a PDA; and gift certificates to the MSU bookstore. Students and faculty laughed and cheered while awards were presented by Associate Chair George Stockman, who emphasized the hard work students put into their projects and the longevity of the posters that will adorn the halls for all to view over the next year.


1st place: Hong Chen and Carol Novak (Advisor: Anil K. Jain)
Automatic Analysis of Hand and Dental Radiographs Using Fast Marching Methods

2nd place: Yi Chen and Meltem Demirkus (Advisor: Anil K. Jain)
Fingerprint Matching Using Level 3 Features

3rd place: Samah Fodeh (Advisor: Pang-Ning Tan)
Mining Patterns and Linkages in Medical Data

4th place: Farshad A. Samimi and Zhinan Zhou (Advisor: Philip McKinley)
Mobile Service Clouds: An Autonomic Infrastructure for Pervasive Mobile Computing


1st place: Meltem Demirkus (Advisor: Anil K. Jain)
Multispectral Fingerprint Imaging

2nd place: Charles Otto and Dirk Colbry (Advisor: George Stockman)
High Performance Three-Dimensional Face Recognition

3rd place: Brian D. Connelly (Advisor: Li Xiao)
Adaptively Routing P2P Queries Using Association Analysis

4th place: Hamed Valizadegan (Advisor: Pang-Ning Tan)
Prototype-Driven Classification of Data Streams


1st place: Borzoo Bonakdarpour (Advisor: Sandeep Kulkarni)
Automated Revision of Existing Real-Time Programs

2nd place: Sascha Konrad (Advisor: Betty Cheng)
Model-driven Development and Analysis of High Assurance Systems

3rd place: Gregory Roger Brown, Heather Goldsby, and Ji Zhang (Advisor: Betty Cheng)
Goal-driven Modeling of Adaptation Semantics

4th place: Kanthakumar Pongaliur (Advisor: Li Xiao)
Maintaining Functional Module Integrity in Sensor Networks

CSE would like to thank Sandeep Kulkarni for organizing this year’s Poster Workshop; the Strategic Partners Council; judges Dave Bonskey, David Bursik, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian, Pat Flynn, Brian Loomis, Kevin Ohl, Bill Punch, Marty Strickler, Kabe Vanderbaan, Anthony Wojcik, and Tom Wolff; faculty advisors; sponsors; staff members; and the faculty members and peers who support and inspire our students.

Thank you to the researchers who submitted posters. Your innovative ideas and dedication to your work are an asset to the department.

Posters and abstracts are available at: http://www.cse.msu.edu/~sandeep/posterworkshop2006/index.htm

View event photos at: http://www.cse.msu.edu/gallery

(Date Posted: 2006-04-25)