Liu, Torng, Meiners issued Patent

Alex Liu, and Eric Torng, Associate Professors in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, and Chad Meiners on the Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Labs, have been issued a patent entitled "Systematic approach towards minimizing packet classifiers".

The patent is for a method for constructing a packet classifier for a computer network system. The method includes: representing a set of rules for packet classification as a directed graph; formulating a plurality of minimization problems from the directed graph, where subgraphs extending from non-terminal nodes in the directed graph represent a minimization problem (i.e., a one-dimensional packet classifier); solving the plurality of minimization problems; combining solutions for the plurality of minimization problems to yield a reduced set of rules which form a reduced packet classifier; and instantiating the reduced packet classifier in a content-addressable memory device.

(Date Posted: 2014-03-03)