Xing part of NSF CyberSEES project

Guoliang Xing, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, is a co-PI on the MSU multidisciplinary team of researchers as part of a new NSF CyberSEES project. The team also includes Xiaobo Tan (Electrical and Computer Engineering) - PI of the project, and co-PIs Elena Litchman (KBS/Zoology), Mantha Phanikumar (Civil & Environmental Engineering), and Hayder Radha (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

The Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program ( aims to advance interdisciplinary research in which the science and engineering of sustainability are enabled by new advances in computing. The MSU project, entitled "CyberSEES: Type 2: Towards Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems: A New Adaptive Sampling and Data-Enabled Monitoring and Modeling Framework", exploits advances in underwater robotics, sensor networks, signal processing, and biophysical modeling to create a novel paradigm for monitoring and understanding aquatic ecosystems and thus to enable sustainable management of water resources. An abstract of the project can be viewed at

(Date Posted: 2013-09-18)