Brown receives NIH grant renewal for "Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data"

C. Titus Brown, Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, and Computer Science and Engineering, has received a 3-year renewal of an NIH R25 grant, "Analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing Data." This workshop grant funds a two-week summer workshop at the Kellogg Biological Station that has been running since 2010; the workshop teaches experimental biologists how to analyze data from advanced sequencing technologies. Since 2010 over 90 graduate students, postdocs, and faculty from around the world have taken the course, and last year over we had over 200 applicants for 24 slots. For more information see Dr. Brown's blog post on the 2012 course, at The renewal will fund this course through 2016. The course is co-taught by Dr. Ian Dworkin (Zoology/MSU) and Dr. Istvan Albert (Penn State).

(Date Posted: 2013-09-03)