Ross serves as expert panelist for United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee

Arun Ross, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, was a panelist at a special event organized by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC) at the UN Headquarters on May 24, 2013. The event was on countering terrorism through the use of new communications and information technologies. The invitation to serve as a panelist came from the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED), which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of certain Security Council resolutions related to counter-terrorism.

Professor Ross focused on the use of biometrics for border control and discussed the importance of biometric fusion, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, and biometric data privacy. The event highlighted the importance of Member States for anticipating and staying ahead of new terrorist methods, while at the same time adhering to the principle of legality, respect for human rights, and due process.

Prof. Ross's presentation will be posted here:

(Date Posted: 2013-06-06)