2006 Outstanding Undergraduate Students in CSE

The following CSE undergraduate students received College of Engineering Academic Achievement Awards for their outstanding academic performance at MSU.

Senior Award Winners:

James Pita has a GPA of 4.0. James is a research assistant in the Digital Evolution Laboratory with Assistant Professor Charles Ofria. He is President of both the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity. He belongs to ACM, Tau Beta Pi, and serves on the Boldness by Design “Enrich Community, Economic, and Family Life” task force. James intends to pursue a Doctorate degree in the field of Bioinformatics. This is the second time he has been recognized for Distinguished Academic Achievement (2005, 2006).

Brian Hasselbeck has a GPA of 4.0. He has worked with Professor Anil Jain in the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing laboratory and as part of the Biometrics Research Group. He is a member of Spartasoft and was involved with programming Ballistic, the group’s winning entry in the 2006 Independent Games Festival Student Competition. Brian is actively involved with ACM and Tau Beta Pi, and he participated in a Co-op position at IBM T. J. Watson research Lab in 2005. After graduation, Brian looks forward to finding a position that enables him to expand his talent for software development.

Andrew Kreling has a GPA of 4.0. Andrew took part in an undergraduate research experience with Assistant Professor Li Xiao, where he focused on peer-to-peer networks. He is a member of the Honors College and a participant in the Cooperative Education program. His Co-op experience at the Department of Defense has allowed him to refine his programming and software design skills, which he will put to use in an upcoming summer internship at Google. This is the third time Andrew has been recognized for Distinguished Academic Achievement (2004, 2005, 2006).

Junior Award Winner:

Keith Barber has a GPA of 4.0. Keith is a Professorial Assistant researching genetic algorithms with ECE Professor Erik Goodman. In addition to working at MSU as a student programmer for the Systems Office of the Division of Housing and Food Services, he is a member of the Honors College, the Genetic Algorithms Research and Applications group, and the MSU marching band. Keith hopes to pursue a career in a field such as software engineering, IT, or network architecture. This summer, he will be an intern at IBM.

Sophomore Award Winner:

Matthew Newman has a GPA of 3.94. He plans to apply his degree in software development to creating new technology in the audio/visual field, such as recording technology or video software for visual display products like televisions and projectors.

We commend these students for their hard work and high level of involvement with the MSU community, and we are proud that they will represent CSE in the years to come!

(Date Posted: 2006-04-07)