Xing and colleagues awarded NSF Cyber-enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI) grant

Guoliang Xing, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, WenZhan Song, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgia State University, and Jonathan Lees, Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, have been awarded a four-year $1.83M grant by the National Science Foundation.

The project is titled "VolcanoSRI: 4D Volcano Tomography in a Large-Scale Sensor Network". The multidisciplinary team of this project will create a new paradigm, VolcanoSRI (Volcano Seismic Realtime Imaging), for imaging 4D tomography of an active volcano in real-time. VolcanoSRI is a large-scale sensor network of low-cost geophysical stations that analyzes seismic signals and computes real-time, full-scale, three-dimensional fluid dynamics of the volcano conduit system within the active network. The computed 4D tomography model will illuminate complex, time-varying dynamics of an erupting volcano, providing a deeper scientific understanding of volcanic processes, as well as a basis for rapid detection of volcanic hazards. VolcanoSRI will potentially make the fictional holographic projector known as Virgil in the film "Supervolcano" a reality.

The abstract of this award can be found at:


(Date Posted: 2011-10-05)