Cheng receives new NSF grant

Betty Cheng has received a 3-year research grant through the National Science Foundation Division of Computer and Communication Foundations under the Computing Processes and Artifacts program. The project title is: Facilitating the Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems.

The project intends to define a UML framework for the modeling and analysis of distributed and real-time embedded systems (DREs) early in the development stage. The ultimate goal of the framework is to bring the current state of the art in specification and analysis methods to the software developers who build such systems in practice. Two novel and complementary parts to this effort are:

1) The development of object analysis patterns providing templates with fields specific to DREs. Use of such patterns will result in formally analyzable models for DREs.

2) The development of an innovative approach for specification of formally checkable system properties either through the usage of a diagram-based notation or through a structured fragment of English natural language.

(Date Posted: 2006-03-22)