Xing and Tan awarded NSF Grant

Guoliang Xing, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Xiaobo Tan, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, have received an NSF grant for their project entitled Exploiting Mobility-assisted Collaboration for Adaptive Aquatic Sensor Networks. The three-year project aims to establish a principled framework for the design and operation of aquatic sensor networks consisting of resource-limited nodes, by exploiting adaptation and collaboration among nodes to holistically deal with or even leverage uncertainties in sensing, communication, and mobility. The proposed methodology will be validated in detection and tracking of harmful algal blooms at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station using networks of robotic fish.

The project could bring aquatic sensor networks much closer to their envisioned applications, and bear impact on monitoring of lakes and other ecosystems, tracking of oil spills and pollutants, and surveillance of ports and rivers. It will also enrich several courses offered in the CSE and ECE departments, and provide opportunities to reach out K-12 students and schools through interactive lectures and participation in a teacher training program at MSU.

An abstract of the award can be viewed at

Guoliang Xing

(Date Posted: 2011-10-05)