Liu awarded NSF Grant

Alex Liu , Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, has been awarded a research grant from the Trustworthy Computing Program of the National Science Foundation for the project titled "An Algorithmic Framework for Distributed Network Security Policies Management".

This project employs proactive approaches to reachability management and helps operators to design, verify, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize distributed network security policies. The new concepts, models, theorems, and algorithms developed in this project advance our knowledge and understanding of network reachability, and the comprehensive network reachability toolkits developed in this project significantly improve network security and reliability. The rigorous models and mathematical formulations of network reachability serves as the theoretical foundation of future work on this fundamental network security issue. The comprehensive toolkit for network reachability quantification, verification, query, monitoring, analysis, and optimization can be used by network operators to troubleshoot and debug reachability problems. This technology enables the seamless collaboration of distributed network security policies and ensure the right amount of reachability is enforced.

Alex Liu

(Date Posted: 2010-07-26)