Meiners, Liu and Torng write new book on hardware based packet classification

Chad Meiners, postdoctoral researcher, Alex Liu, assistant professor, and Eric Torng, associate professor, all within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, have released a new book entitled "Hardware Based Packet Classification for High Speed Internet Routers," published by Springer, 2010.

Packet classification is the core component of routers, firewalls and other networking devices that enables many networking services such as packet filtering and traffic accounting. Using Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAMs) to perform high-speed packet classification has become the standard in industry today. While we can expect some gain in TCAM performance from improved hardware, the demands on TCAM performance (measured by the number of rules in packet classifiers) increase far more rapidly due to the explosive growth of internet services and threats. This book presents the most recent developments in hardware based packet classification algorithms and architectures.

(Date Posted: 2010-07-07)