Tong receives NSF CAREER Award

Yiying Tong, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, received a NSF CAREER grant for the project entitled "Theory and Practice of Space-Time Variational Integrators for Simulation and Animation."

The primary goal of the research project is to develop novel numerical simulation methods offering a wide range of applications, from the simulation of smoke and fire interacting with moving objects, to the evolution of virus surfaces immersed in fluids. Current numerical techniques for simulation rarely capture the geometric principles that have been shown in mathematics and physics to be fundamental to proper dynamical behavior. To develop simulation algorithms that numerically respect both temporal and spatial structures of complex systems, a major part of this research requires the development of a novel framework to combine Lagrangian and Eulerian methods, two common (but rarely combined) representations of motion. Key applications include thin-shell simulation, collision handling, and fluid-structure interaction.

Yiyong Tong

(Date Posted: 2010-03-25)